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In this chapter we have an account of the posterity of Esau, who were from him, were called Edomites;

1. Because he was the son of Isaac, for whose sake this honour is put upon him.

2. Because the Edomites were neighbours to Israel, and their genealogy would be of use to give light to the following stories of what passed between them.

3. To shew the performance of the promise to Abraham, that he should be the father of many nations, and of that answer which Rebekah had from the oracle she consulted, Two nations are in thy womb; and of the blessing of Isaac, Thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth. Here are,

I. Esau's wives, ver. 1-5.

II. His remove to mount Seir, ver. 6-8.

III. The names of his sons, ver. 9-14.

IV. The dukes which descended of his sons, ver. 15-19.

V. The dukes of the Horites, ver. 20-30.

VI. The kings and dukes of Edom, ver. 31-43.

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