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In this chapter we have,

I. Three communions between God and Jacob.

1. God ordered Jacob to Beth-el, and in obedience to that order, he purged his house of idols, and prepared for that journey, ver. 1-5.

2. Jacob built an altar at Beth-el to the honour of God that had appeared to him, and in performance of his vow, ver. 6, 7.

3. God appeared to him again, and confirmed the change of his name, and the covenant with him, ver 9-13. of which appearance Jacob made a grateful acknowledgement, ver. 14, 15.

II. Three funerals.

1. Deborah's, ver. 8.

2. Rachel's, ver. 16-20.

3. Isaac's, ver. 27-29.

III. Here is also Reuben's incest, ver. 22. and an account of Jacob's sons, ver. 23-26.

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