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In this chapter we have,

I. Isaac in adversity, by reason of a famine in the land; which, (1.) Obliges him to change his quarters, ver 1. but, (2.) God visits him with direction and comfort, ver. 2-5. (3.) He denies his wife, and is reproved for it by Abimelech, ver. 6-11.

II. Isaac in prosperity, by the blessing of God upon him, ver. 12- 14. (1.) The Philistines were envious at him, ver. 14-17. (2.) He continued industrious in his business, ver. 18-23. (3.) God appeared to him, and encouraged him, and he returned to his duty, ver. 24-25. (4.) The Philistines at length made court to him, and made a covenant with him, ver. 26-33

III. The disagreeable marriage of his son Esau was an allay to his prosperity, ver. 34. 35.

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