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The subjoining of Isaac's marriage to Sarah's funeral (with a particular reference to it, ver. 67.) shews us, that as one generation passeth away, another generation comes; and thus the entail of human nature is preserved. Here is,

I. Abraham's care about the marrying of his son, and the charge he gave to his servant about it, ver. 1-9.

II. The servant's journey into Abraham's country to seek a wife for his young master among his own relations, ver. 10-14.

III. The kind providence which brought him acquainted with Rebekah, whose father was Isaac's cousin german, ver. 15-28.

IV. The treaty of marriage with her relations, ver. 29-49.

V. Their consent obtained, ver. 50-60.

VI. The happy meeting and marriage between Isaac and Rebekah, ver. 61-67.

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