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Two things providence is here bringing about.

1. The advancement of Joseph.

2. The maintenance of Jacob and his family in a time of famine; for the eyes of the Lord run to and fro through the earth, and direct the affairs of the children of men. In order to these, here is,

I. Pharaoh's dream, ver. 1-8.

II. The recommendation of Joseph to him for an interpreter, ver. 9-13.

III. The interpretation of the dreams, and the prediction of seven years plenty, and seven years famine in Egypt, with the prudent advice given to Pharaoh thereupon, ver. 14-36.

IV. The preferment of Joseph to a place of the highest power and trust, ver. 37-45.

V. The accomplishment of Joseph's prediction, and his fidelity to his trust, ver. 46-57.

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