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This chapter is the only authentic history extant of the first age of the world from the creation to the flood, containing (according to the Hebrew text) 1656 years. The genealogy here recorded is inserted briefly in the pedigree of our saviour, Luke iii, 36, 37. and is of great use to shew that Christ was the seed of the woman, that was promised. We have here an account,

I. Concerning Adam, ver. 1-5.

II. Seth, ver. 6-8.

III. Enos, ver. 9-11.

IV. Cainan, ver. 12-14.

V. Mahalaleel, ver. 15-17.

VI. Jared, ver. 18-20.

VII. Enoch, ver. 21-24.

VIII. Mathuselah, ver. 25-27.

IX. Lamech and his son Noah, ver. 28-32.

1. The first words of the chapter are the title of argument of the whole chapter; it is the book of the generations of Adam - It is the list or catalogue of the posterity of Adam, not of all, but only of the holy seed, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came; the names, ages, and deaths of those that were the successors of the first Adam in the custody of the promise, and the ancestors of the second Adam.

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