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THE parts of this epistle, written not long before St. Peter's death, and the destruction of Jerusalem, with the same design as the former, are likewise three:

I. The inscription, Chap. i.1, 2

II. A further stirring up of the minds of true believers, in which,

1. He exhorts them, having received the precious gift, to give all diligence to "grow in grace," 3-11

2. To this he incites them,

1. From the firmness of true teachers, 12-21

2. From the wickedness of false teachers, ii.1-22

3. He guards them against impostors,

1. By confuting their error iii.1-9

2. By describing the great day, adding suitable exhortations, 10-14

III. The conclusion, in which he,

1. Declares his agreement with St. Paul, 15, 16

2. Repeats the sum of the epistle, 17


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