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THIS epistle was probably wrote by St. Paul, during his second confinement at Rome, not long before his martyrdom. It is, as it were, the swan's dying song. But though it was wrote many years after the former, yet they are both of the same kind, and nearly resemble each other. It has three parts:

I. The inscription, Chap. i. 1, 2

II. An invitation, "Come to me," variously expressed,

1. Having declared his love to Timothy, 3-5 he exhorts him, " Be not ashamed of me." 6-14 And subjoins various examples, 15-18

2. He adds the twofold proposition,

1. "Be strong,"

2. "Commit the ministry" to faithful men,. ii. 1, 2 The former is treated of, 3-13 The latter, 14 With farther directions concerning his own behaviour, 15- iv.8

3. "Come quickly." Here St. Paul, 9

1. Mentions his being left alone, 10-12

2. Directs to bring his books, 13

3. Gives a caution concerning Alexander, 14, 15

4. Observes the inconstancy of men, and the faithfulness of God, 16-18

4. "Come before winter." Salutations, 19-21

III. The concluding blessing, 22


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