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1. May run - Go on swiftly, without any interruption. And be glorified - Acknowledged as divine, and bring forth much fruit.

2. All men have not faith - And all men who have not are more or less unreasonable and wicked men.

3. Who will stablish you - That cleave to him by faith. And guard you from the evil one - And all his instruments.

4. We trust in the Lord concerning you - Thus only should we trust in any man.

5. Now the Lord - The Spirit, whose proper work this is. Direct - Lead you straight forward. Into the patience of Christ - Of which he set you a pattern.

6. That walketh disorderly - Particularly by not working. Not according to the tradition he received of us - The admonition we gave, both by word of mouth, and in our former epistle.

10. Neither let him eat - Do not maintain him in idleness.

11. Doing nothing, but being busybodies - To which idleness naturally disposes.

12. Work quietly - Letting the concerns of other people alone.

14. Have no company with him - No intimacy, no familiarity, no needless correspondence.

15. Admonish him as a brother - Tell him lovingly of the reason why you shun him.

16. The Lord of peace - Christ. Give you peace by all means - In every way and manner.

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