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PHILIPPI was so called from Philip, king of Macedonia, who much enlarged and beautified it. Afterwards it became a Roman colony, and the chief city of that part of Macedonia. Hither St. Paul was sent by a vision to preach and here, not long after his coming, he was shamefully entreated. Nevertheless many were converted by him, during the short time of his abode there; by whose liberality he was more assisted than by any other church of his planting. And they had now sent large assistance to him by Epaphroditus; by whom he returns them this epistle. It contains six parts:

I. The inscription, Chap. i. 1, 2

II. Thanksgiving and prayers for them, 3-11

III.He relates his present state and good hope: 12-24 Whence he exhorts them,

1. While he remains with them to walk worthy of the gospel, 25- 30 ii. 1-16

2. Though he should be killed, to rejoice with him, 17, 18 And promises,

1. To certify them of all things by Timotheus, 19-24

2. In the mean time to send Epaphroditus, 25-30

IV. He exhorts them to rejoice, iii. 1-3 admonishing them to beware of false teachers, and to imitate the true, 2-21 commending concord, iv. 1-3 He again exhorts them to joy and meekness 4-7 and to whatsoever things are excellent, 8-9

V. He accepts of their liberality, 10-20

VI. The conclusion, 21-23


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