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IN this epistle, written from Macedonia, within a year after the former, St. Paul beautifully displays his tender affection toward the Corinthians, who were greatly moved by the seasonable severity of the former, and repeats several of the admonitions he had there given them. In that he had written concerning the affairs of the Corinthians: in this he writes chiefly concerning his own; but in such a manner as to direct all he mentions of himself to their spiritual profit. The thread and connection of the whole epistle is historical: other things are interwoven only by way of digression. It contains,

I.The inscription, C.i. 1, 2

II.The treatise itself.

1. In Asia I was greatly pressed; but God comforted me; as I acted uprightly; even in this, that I have not yet come to you; who ought to obey me, Cii. 11

2. From Troas I hastened to Macedonia, spreading the gospel everywhere, the glorious charge of which I execute, according to its importance, Cvii. 1

3. In Macedonia I received a joyful message concerning you, 2-16

4. In this journey I had a proof of the liberality of the Macedonians, whose example ye ought to follow, C.viii.1-C.ix.15

5. I am now on my way to you, armed with the power of Christ. Therefore obey, C.x 1-C.xiii.10 The conclusion 11-13


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