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"I Am Become an Honorable Man"

Monday, October 11.--I went (from London) to Colchester and still found matter of humiliation. The society was lessened and cold enough; preaching again was discontinued, and the spirit of Methodism quite gone both from the preachers and the people. Yet we had a wonderful congregation in the evening, rich and poor, clergy and laity. So we had likewise on Tuesday evening. So that I trust God will at length build up the waste places.

Wednesday, 13.--We set out early, but found no horses at Cobdock; so we were obliged to go round by Ipswich and wait there half an hour. Nevertheless, we got to Norwich between two and three.

In the evening I preached at Norwich, but the house would in no wise contain the congregation. How wonderfully is the tide turned! I am become an honorable man at Norwich. God has at length made our enemies to be at peace with us, and scarcely any but Antinomians open their mouth against us.

Thursday, 14.--l went to Yarmouth and, at length, found a society in peace and much united together. In the evening the congregation was too large to get into the preaching-house; yet they were far less noisy than usual. After supper a little company went to prayer, and the power of God fell upon us; especially when a young woman broke out into prayer, to the surprise and comfort of us all.

Friday, 15.--l went to Lowestoft to a steady, loving, well-united society. The more strange it is that they neither increase nor decrease in number.

Saturday, 16.--I preached at London about one; and at six in Norwich.

Sunday, 17.--At seven I administered the Lord's supper to about one hundred and fifty persons, nearly twice as many as we had last year.

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