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A Visit to the Channel Islands

Monday, August 13.--We set out from Yarmouth. with a fair wind; but it soon turned against us and blew so hard that in the afternoon we were glad to put in at Swanage.

Tuesday, 14.--Sailing on with a fair wind, we fully expected to reach Guernsey in the afternoon; but the wind turning contrary and blowing hard, we found it would be impossible. We then judged it best to put in at the Isle of Alderney; but we were very near being shipwrecked in the bay. When we were in the middle of the rocks, with the sea rippling all round us, the wind totally failed. Had this continued, we must have struck upon one or other of the rocks; so we went to prayer, and the wind sprang up instantly. About sunset we landed; and, though we had five beds in the same room, slept in peace.

About eight I went down to a convenient spot on the beach and began giving out a hymn. A woman and two little children joined us immediately. Before the hymn was ended, we had a tolerable congregation all of whom behaved well. Part, indeed, continued at fog or fifty yards' distance, but they were all quiet and attentive.

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