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Wesley's Threat to Deptford

1787. Monday, January 1.--We began the service at four in the morning, to an unusually large congregation. We had another comfortable opportunity at the new chapel at the usual hour, and a third in the evening at West Street. Tuesday, 2. I went over to Deptford; but it seemed, I was in a den of lions. Most of the leading men of the society were mad for separating from the Church. I endeavored to reason with them, but in vain; they had neither good sense nor even good manners left. At length, after meeting the whole society, I told them, "If you are resolved, you may have your service in church hours; but, remember, from that time you will see my face no more." This struck deep; and from that hour I have heard no more of separating from the Church!

Monday, 8, and the four following days, I went a-begging for the poor. I hoped to be able to provide food and raiment for those of the society who were in pressing want, yet had no weekly allowance; these were about two hundred. But I was much disappointed. Six or seven, indeed, of our brethren, gave ten pounds apiece. If forty had done this, I could have carried my design into execution. However, much good was done with two hundred pounds, and many sorrowful hearts made glad.

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