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Wesley Visits Lord George in the Tower

Saturday, December 16 (London).--Having a second message from Lord George Gordon, earnestly desiring to see me, I wrote a line to Lord Stormont who, on Monday, 18, sent me a warrant to see him. On Tuesday, 19, I spent an hour with him at his apartment in the Tower. Our conversation turned upon popery and religion. He seemed to be well acquainted with the Bible and had abundance of other books, enough to furnish a study. I was agreeably surprised to find he did not complain of any person or thing; I cannot but hope his confinement will take a right turn and prove a lasting blessing to him.

Friday, 22.--At the desire of some of my friends, I accompanied them to the British Museum. What an immense field is here for curiosity to range in! One large room is filled from top to bottom with things brought from Otaheite; two or three more with things dug out of the ruins of Herculaneum! Seven huge apartments are filled with curious books; five with manuscripts; two with fossils of all sorts, and the rest with various animals. But what account will a man give to the judge of quick and dead for a life spent in collecting all these?

Sunday, 24.--Desiring to make the most of this solemn day, I preached early in the morning at the new chapel; at ten and four I preached at West Street; and in the evening met the society at each end of the town.

Friday, 29.—I saw the indictment of the Grand jury against Lord George Gordon. I stood aghast! What a shocking insult upon truth and common sense! But it is the usual form. The more is the shame. Why will not the Parliament remove this scandal from our nation?

Saturday, 30.--Waking between one and two in the morning, I observed a bright light shine upon the chapel. I easily concluded there was a fire near, probably in the adjoining timber-yard. If so, I knew it would soon lay us in ashes. I first called all the family to prayer; then going out, we found the fire about a hundred yards off, and had broken out while the wind was south. But a sailor cried out, "Avastl Avast! the wind is turned in a moment!" So it did, to the west, while we were at prayer, and so drove the flame from us. We then thankfully returned, and I rested well the residue of the night.

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