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Congregation of 20,000

Sunday, 2.--At five in the evening I preached in the natural amphitheater at Gwennap. The people covered a circle of nearly fourscore yards diameter and could not be fewer than twenty thousand. Yet, upon inquiry, I found they could all hear distinctly, it being a calm, still evening.

After visiting Medros, Plymouth, and Collumpton, I came on Friday, 7, to Taunton. Presently, after preaching, I took horse. The rain obliged us to make haste; but in a while the saddle came over his neck, and then turned under his belly. I had then only to throw myself off, or I would have fallen under him. I was a little bruised, but soon mounted again and rode to Lymphsham, and the next day to Bristol.

Sunday, 9.--My voice was weak when I preached at Princes Street in the morning. It was stronger at two in the afternoon, while I was preaching under the sycamore tree in Kingswood; and strongest of all at five in the evening, when we assembled near King's Square in Bristol.

Thursday, October 11.--About eleven I preached at Winchester, to a genteel and yet serious congregation. I was a little tired before I came to Portsmouth, but the congregation soon made me forget my weariness. Indeed the people in general here are more noble than most in the south of England. They receive the Word of God "with all readiness of mind," and showed civility, at least, to all that preach it.

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