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Wesley's Land-shark

Thursday, March 30 (Dublin).--I was summoned to the Court of Conscience by a poor creature who fed my horses three or four times while I was on board. For this service he demanded ten shillings. I gave him half a crown. When I informed the Court of this, he was sharply reproved. Let all beware of these land-sharks on our seacoasts!--My scraps of time this week, I employed in reading the account of Commodore Byron. I never before read of any who endured such hardships and survived them. Surely no novel in the world can be more affecting, or more surprising, than this history.

Wednesday, April 19 (Armagh).--We took horse about ten, being desired to call at Kinnard (ten or eleven miles out of the way), where a little society had been lately formed who were much alive to God. At the town-end, I was met by a messenger from Archdeacon C--e who desired I would take a bed with him; and soon after by another who told me the Archdeacon desired I would alight at his door. I did so and found an old friend whom I had not seen for four or five and thirty years.

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