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Wesley at Utrecht

Thursday, 26.--Our friends having largely provided us with wine and fruits for our little journey, we took boat in a lovely morning for Utrecht.

Utrecht has much the look of an English town. The streets are broad and have many noble houses. In quietness and stillness it much resembles Oxford. The country all round is like a garden; and the people I conversed with are not only civil and hospitable, but friendly and affectionate, even as those at Amsterdam.

Monday, 30.--We hired a coach for Rotterdam, at half a crown per head. We dined at Gouda, at Mr. Van Flooten's, minister of the town, who received us with all possible kindness. Before dinner we went into the church, famous for its painted windows; but we had not time to survey a tenth part of them: we could only observe, in general, that the colors were exceedingly lively and the figures exactly proportioned. In the evening we reached once more the hospitable house of Mr. Loyal, at Rotterdam.

Tuesday, July 1.--I called on as many as I could of my friends, and we parted with much affection. We then hired a yacht, which brought us to Helvoetsluys about eleven the next day. At two we went on board; but the wind turning against us, we did not reach Harwich till about nine on Friday morning. After a little rest, we procured a carriage and reached London about eleven at night.

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