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"The Tide Is Now Turned"

1783. Wednesday, January 1.--May I begin to live today! Sunday, 5. We met to renew our covenant with God. We never meet on this occasion without a blessing; but I do not know that we had ever so large a congregation before.

Sunday, 19.--I preached at St. Thomas's Church in the afternoon and at St. Swithin's in the evening. The tide is now turned; so that I have more invitations to preach in churches than I can accept of.

Friday, February 21.--At our yearly meeting for that purpose, we examined our yearly accounts and found the money (just answering the expense) was upwards of three thousand pounds a year.

But that is nothing to me: what I receive of it yearly is neither more nor less than thirty pounds.

Sunday, June 1.--I was refreshed by the very sight of the congregation at the new chapel (London). Monday 2, and the following days, I employed in settling my business and preparing for my little excursion. Wednesday, 11. I took coach with Mr. Brackenbury, Broadbent, and Whitfield; and in the evening we reached Harwich. I went immediately to Dr. Jones, who received me in the most affectionate manner. About nine in the morning we sailed and at nine on Friday, 13, landed at Helvoetsluys [Hellevoctsluis].

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