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Preaching at Peel

June 3.-- (Being Whitsunday.) I preached in the market place again about nine, to a still larger congregation than before, on "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ" [Rom. 1:16]. How few of the genteel hearers could say so! About four in the afternoon, I preached at Barewle, on the mountains, to a larger congregation than that in the morning. The rain began soon after I began preaching; but ceased in a few minutes. I preached on "They were all filled with the Holy Ghost" [Acts 2:4]; and showed in what sense this belongs to us and to our children.

Between six and seven I preached on the seashore at Peel, to the largest congregation I have seen in the island; even the society nearly filled the house. I soon found what spirit they were of. Hardly in England (unless perhaps at Bolton) have I found so plain, so earnest, so simple a people.

Monday, 4.--We had such a congregation at five as might have been expected on a Sunday evening. We then rode through and over the mountains to Beergarrow; where I enforced, on an artless, loving congregation. "If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink" [John 7:371. A few miles from thence, we came to Bishop's Court, where good Bishop Wilson resided nearly threescore years. There is something venerable, though not magnificent, in the ancient palace; and it is undoubtedly situated in one of the pleasantest spots of the whole island.

Tuesday, 5.--In the afternoon we rode through a pleasant and fruitful country to Ramsay, about as large as Peel and more regularly built. The rain was again suspended while I preached to well nigh all the town; but I saw no inattentive hearers.

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