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She Thought, "I Laugh Prettily"

Monday, 16.--In the evening the house was fuller, if possible, than the night before. I preached on the "one thing needful"; and the rich behaved as seriously as the poor. Only one young gentlewoman (I heard) laughed much. Poor thing! Doubtless she thought, "I laugh prettily."

Friday, 20.--At noon we made the same shift at Congleton as when I was here last. I stood in the window, having put as many women as it would contain into the house. The rest, with the men, stood below in the meadow; many of the townsmen were wild enough. I have scarcely found such enlargement of heart since I came from Newcastle. The brutes resisted long, but were at length overcome, not above five or six excepted. Surely man shall not long have the upper hand; God will get unto Himself the victory.

It rained all the day till seven in the evening, when I began preaching at Burslem. Even the poor potters here are a more civilized people than the better sort (so called) at Congleton. A few stood with their hats on; but none spoke a word or offered to make the least disturbance.

Saturday, 21.-- rode to Bilbrook, near Wolverhampton, and preached between two and three. Thence we went on to Madeley, an exceedingly pleasant village, encompassed with trees and hills. It was a great comfort to me to converse once more with a Methodist of the old stamp, denying himself, taking up his cross, and resolved to be "altogether a Christian."

Sunday, 22.--At ten Mr. Fletcher read prayers, and I preached on those words in the gospel, "I am the good Shepherd: the good Shepherd layeth down his life for the sheep" [John 10:11]. The church would nothing near contain the congregation; but a window near the pulpit being taken down, those who could not come in stood in the churchyard, and I believe all could hear. The congregation, they said, used to be much smaller in the afternoon than in the morning; but I could not discern the least difference, either in number or seriousness.

I found employment enough for the intermediate hours, in praying with various companies who hung about the house, insatiably hungering and thirsting after the good Word.

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