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Wesley and the Oatmeal Sellers

Monday, May 3 (Sligo).--In the evening a company of players began acting in the upper part of the market house, just as we began singing in the lower. The case of these is remarkable. The Presbyterians for a long time had their public worship here; but when the strollers came to town, they were turned out and from that time had no public worship at all. On Tuesday evening the lower part too was occupied by buyers and sellers of oatmeal; but as soon as I began, the people quitted their sacks and listened to business of greater importance.

Sunday, 16.--I had observed to the society last week that I had not seen one congregation ever in Ireland behave so ill at church as that at Athlone, laughing and staring about during the whole service. I had added, "This is your fault; for if you had attended the church, as you ought to have done, your presence and example would not have failed to influence the whole congregation." And so it appeared; I saw not one today, either laughing, talking, or staring about; but a remarkable seriousness was spread from the one end of the church to the other.

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