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Some Impudent Women

Monday, 13.--About five I preached at Paddiham, another place eminent for all manner of wickedness. The multitude of people obliged me to stand in the yard of the preaching-house. Over against me, at a little distance, sat some of the most impuident women I ever saw; yet I am not sure that God did not reach their hearts, for

They roar'd, and would have blush'd, if capable of shame.

Friday, 24.--About one I preached at Bramley, where Jonas Rushford, about fourteen years old, gave me the following relation: "About this time last year I was desired by two of our neighbors to go with them to Mr. Crowther's at Skipton, who would not speak to them, about a man that had been missing twenty days, but bid them bring a boy twelve or thirteen years old. When we came in, he stood reading a book.

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