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Preaching in the Inn Yard

Tuesday, 17.--At five the congregation was large and appeared not a little affected. The difficulty now was how to get back, for I could not ride the horse on which I came. But this too was provided for. We met in the street with one who lent me his horse, which was so easy that I grew better and better till I came to Wolverhampton. None had yet preached abroad in this furious town; but I was resolved, with God's help, to make a trial, and I ordered a table to be set in the inn-yard. Such a number of wild men I have seldom seen; but they gave me no disturbance, either while I preached, or when I afterward walked through the midst of them.

About five I preached to a far larger congregation at Dudley, and all as quiet as at London. The scene is changed since the dirt and stones of this town were flying about me on every side.

Saturday, May 2 (Aberdeen).--In the afternoon I sent to the principal and regent to desire leave to preach in the College Close. This was readily granted; but as it begin to rain, I was desired to go into the hall. I suppose this is fully a hundred feet long, and seated all around. The congregation was large, notwithstanding the rain; and fully as large at five in the morning.

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