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Newcastle as a Summer Resort

Monday, June 4.--After preaching (at Alnwick), I rode on to Newcastle. Certainly if I did not believe there was another world, I should spend all my summers here; I know no place in Great Britain comparable to it for pleasantness. But I seek another country and therefore am content to be a wanderer upon the earth.

Thursday, 21.-I preached at Nafferton at one. As I was riding thence, one stopped me on the road and said, "Sir, do you not remember, when you were at Prudhoe two years since and you breakfasted at Thomas Newton's? I am his sister. You looked upon me as you were going out, and said, 'Be in earnest.’ I knew not then what earnestness meant, nor had any thought about it; but the words sank into my heart so that I could never rest any more till I sought and found Christ."

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