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In Norfolk and Suffolk

Wednesday, November 23 (Norwich).--I was shown Dr. Taylor's new meetinghouse, perhaps the most elegant one in Europe. It is eight-square, built of the finest brick, with sixteen sash-windows below, as many above, and eight skylights in the dome, which, indeed, are purely ornamental. The inside is finished in the highest taste and is as clean as any nobleman's saloon. The communion table is fine mahogany; the very latches of the pew doors are polished brass. How can it be thought that the old, coarse gospel should find admission here?

Thursday, 24.--A man had spoken to me the last week as I was going through Thetford, and desired me to preach at Lakenheath, near Mildenhall, in Suffolk. I now purposed so to do and rode thither from Thetford. One Mr. Evans had lately built a large and convenient preaching house there, at his own expense. It was more than filled at six o'clock, many standing at the door. At five in the morning (as uncommon a thing as this was in those parts) the house was nearly filled again with earnest, loving, simple people. Several of them came in to Mr. E's house after- ward, stood a while, and then burst into tears. I promised to call upon them again and left them much comforted.

1758. Wednesday, January 4.--I rode to Kingswood and rejoiced over the school, which is at length what I have so long wished it to be--a blessing to all that are therein, and an honor to the whole body of Methodists.

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