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In Glasgow Cathedral

Wednesday, June 1.--We rode on to Glasgow; a mile short of which we met Mr. Gillies, riding out to meet us.

In the evening the tent (so they call a covered pulpit) was Placed in the yard of the poorhouse, a very large and commodious Place. Fronting the pulpit was the infirmary, with most of their manner of baptizing. I believe this removed much prejudice.

Friday, 3.--At seven the congregation was increased, and earnest attention sat on every face. In the afternoon we walked to the college and saw the new library, with the collection of pictures. Many of them are by Raphael, Rubens, Van Dyck, and other eminent hands; but they have not room to place them to advantage, their whole building being very small.

Saturday, 4--l walked through all parts of the old cathedral, a very large and once beautiful structure; I think, more lofty than that at Canterbury and nearly the same length and breadth. We then went up the main steeple, which gave us a fine prospect both of the city and the adjacent country. A more fruitful and better cultivated plain is scarcely to be seen in England. Indeed nothing is wanting but more trade (which would, naturally bring more people), to make a great part of Scotland no way inferior to the best counties in England.

I was much pleased with the seriousness of the people in the evening; but still I prefer the English congregation. I cannot be reconciled to men sitting at prayer, or covering their heads while they are singing praise to God.

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