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Wesley Rides Ninety Miles

My horse tired in the afternoon; so I left him behind and borrowed that of my companion. I came to Aymo about eleven and would very willingly have passed the rest of the night there; but the good woman of the inn was not minded that I should. For some time she would not answer: at last she opened the door just wide enough to let out four dogs upon me. So I rode on to Ballybrittas, expecting a rough salute here too from a large dog which used to be in the yard. But he never stirred till the hostler waked and came out. About twelve I laid me down. I think this was the longest day's journey I ever rode; being fifty old Irish, that is, about ninety English miles.

Thursday, 21.--I returned to Closeland and preached in the evening to a little, earnest company. Oh, who should drag me into a great city, if I did not know there is another world! How gladly could I spend the remainder of a busy life in solitude and retirement!

Thursday, September 6.--I rode to Salisbury and preached at Winterburn in the evening; the next, at Reading; and, on Saturday, 8, came to London.

Here I had the following account from one of our preachers:

"John Jane was never well after walking from Epworth to Hainton, on an exceedingly hot day, which exertion threw him into a fever. But he was in great peace and love, even to those who greatly wanted love to 1818     Correct to the text. him. He was some time at Alice Shadforth's house, with whom he daily talked of the things of God. He was never without the love of God, spent much time in private prayer, and joined likewise with her in prayer several times in a day. On Friday, August 24, growing, as she thought stronger in body, he sat in the evening by the fireside: about six he fetched a deep sigh and never spoke more. He was alive till the same hour on Saturday; at which, without any struggle, or any sign of pain, with a smile on his face, he passed away. His last words were, 'I find the love of God in Christ Jesus.'

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