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A Ridiculous Question

Monday, June 5.--I rode to Blarney, three miles wide of Cork, where many of the society met me. I spent some time with them in exhortation and prayer, and then went on to Rathcormuck.

I was a little surprised at the acuteness of a gentlemen here, who in conversation with Colonel Barry about late occurrences, said he had heard there was a people risen up that placed all religion in wearing long whiskers; and seriously asked whether these were not the same who were called Methodists.

Tuesday, 13--We rode over to Gloster, a beautiful seat built by an Englishman who had scarcely finished his house and laid out his gardens when he was called to his everlasting home, Sir L--- P--- and his lady dined with us, whether coming by accident or design I know not. About five I preached in the stately saloon to a little company of plain, serious people, the fine ones looking on and some of them seeming to be a little affected. I expounded at Birr about seven, in the strongest manner I could, the story of Dives and Lazarus.

Wednesday, 14.--We designed to dine at Ferbane, about twelve miles from Birr. We stopped at the first inn in the town; but they did not care to entertain heretics; neither did the people at the second inn; I alighted at the third and went in, without asking any questions.

About seven I preached at Athlone. It being the time of the general review, abundance of soldiers and many officers were present. They all behaved with the utmost decency. But a gentleman of the town did not; which had like to cost him dear.  Many swords were drawn, but the officers interposed, and it went no farther.

Wednesday, July 19.--I finished the translation of Martin Luther's Life. Doubtless he was a man highly favored of God and a blessed instrument in His hand. But oh! what pity that he had no faithful friend! None that would, at all hazards, rebuke him plainly and sharply, for his rough, untractable spirit, and bitter zeal for opinions, so greatly obstructive of the work of God!

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