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Wesley in Wales

1749. Monday, April 3.--I set out for Ireland. We waited more than four hours at the passage; by which delay, I was forced to disappoint a large congregation at Newport. About three I came to Pedras, near Carphilly. The congregation had waited some hours, I began immediately, wet and weary as I was; and we rejoiced over all our labors.

In the evening and next morning (Tuesday, 4) I preached at Cardiff. Oh, what a fair prospect was here some years ago!. Surely this whole town would have known God, from the least even to the greatest, had it not been for men leaning to their own understanding instead of to "the law and the testimony."

At twelve I preached at Lanmais, to a loving, earnest people, who do not desire to be any wiser than God. In the evening I preached at Fonmon, the next morning at Cowbridge. How is the scene changed since I was here last, amidst the madness of the people and the stone flying on every side! Now all is calm; the whole town is in good humor, and they flock to hear the glad tidings of salvation. In the evening I preached at Lantrissent.

Thursday, 6.--We rode to a hard-named place on the top of a mountain. I scarcely saw any house near: however, a large number of honest, simple people soon came together. But few could understand me, so Henry Lloyd, when I had done, repeated the substance of my sermon in Welsh. The behavior of the people recompensed us for our labor in climbing up to them.

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