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A Shower of Stones

After we were gone into the house, they began throwing great stones, in order to break the door. But perceiving this would require some time, they dropped that design for the present. They first broke all the tiles on the penthouse over the door and then poured in a shower of stones at the windows. One of their captains, in his great zeal, had followed us into the house and was now shut in with us. He did not like this and would fain have got out; but it was not possible; so he kept as close to me as he could, thinking himself safe when he was near me: but, staying a little behind—when I went up two pair of stairs and stood close on one side, where we were a little sheltered—a large stone struck him on the forehead, and the blood spouted out like a stream. He cried out, “O sir, are we to die tonight? What must I do? What must I do?” I said, “Pray to God. He is able to deliver you from all danger.” He took my advice and began praying in such a manner as he had scarcely done ever since he was born.

Mr. Swindells and I then went to prayer; after which I told him, “We must not stay here; we must go down immediately.” He said, “Sir, we cannot stir; you see how the stones fly about.” I walked straight through the room and down the stairs; and not a stone came in, till we were at the bottom.  The mob had just broken open the door when we came into the lower room; and exactly while they burst in at one door, we walked out at the other. Nor did one man take any notice of us, though we were within five yards of each other.

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