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Bonfires Everywhere

Tuesday, 5.—In the evening I came to Leeds and found the town full of bonfires, and people shouting, firing guns, cursing and swearing, as the English manner of keeping holidays is. I immediately sent word to some of the magistrates of what I had heard on the road. This ran through the town, as it were, in an instant: and I hope it was a token for good.  The hurry in the streets was quashed at once—some of the bonfires indeed remained; but scarcely anyone was to be seen about them but a few children warming their hands.

Thursday, 7.—I rode to Stayley Hall, in Cheshire, after many interruptions in the way by those poor tools of watchmen, who stood with great solemnity at the end of almost every village. I preached there on Mark 1:15, and rode on to Bradbury Green.

Friday, 8.—Understanding that a neighboring gentleman, Dr. C., had affirmed to many that Mr. Wesley was now with the Pretender, near Edinburgh, I wrote him a few lines. It may be he will have a little more regard to truth, or shame, for the time to come.

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