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Great Excitement at Newcastle

Wednesday, 18.—About five we came to Newcastle, in an acceptable time. We found the generality of the inhabitants in the utmost consternation; news being just arrived that, the morning before, at two o’clock, the Pretender had entered Edinburgh. A great concourse of people were with us in the evening, to whom I expounded the third chapter of Jonah, insisting particularly on that verse, “Who can tell, if God will return, and repent, and turn away from his fierce anger, that we perish not?”

Thursday, 19.—The mayor (Mr. Ridley) summoned all the householders of the town to meet him at the townhall; 1414     Correct to the text. and desired as many of them as were willing to set their hands to a paper importing that they would, at the hazard of their goods and lives, defend the town against the common enemy. Fear and darkness were now on every side; but not on those who had seen the light of God’s countenance. We rejoiced together in the evening with solemn joy, while God applied those words to many hearts, “Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified” [Matt. 28:5].

Friday, 20.—The mayor ordered the townsmen to be under arms and to mount guard in their turns, over and above the guard of soldiers, a few companies of whom had been drawn into the town on the first alarm. Now also Pilgrim Street gate was ordered to be walled up. Many began to be much concerned for us, because our house stood without the walls. Nay, but the Lord is a wall of fire unto all that trust in Him.

I had desired all our brethren to join with us this day in seeking God by fasting and prayer. About one we met and  poured out our souls before Him; and we believed He would send an answer of peace.

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