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Riot Act and a Sermon

Wednesday, 10.—In the evening I began to expound (at Trevonan, in Morva), “Ho! every one that thirsteth, come yet to the waters.” In less than a quarter of an hour, the constable and his companions came and read the proclamation against riots.  When he had done, I told him, “We will do as you require: we will disperse within an hour”; and went on with my sermon. After preaching, I had designed to meet the society alone. But many others also followed with such earnestness that I could not turn them back: so I exhorted them all to love their enemies as Christ hath loved us. They felt what was spoken.

Thursday, 25.—I came back safe, blessed be God, to Bristol. I found both my soul and body much refreshed in this peaceful place. Thursday, August 1, and the following days, we had our second Conference, with as many of our brethren that labor in the Word as could be present.

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