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Wesley’s Effective Letter

Sunday, March 3.—As I was walking up Pilgrim Street, hearing a man call after me, I stood still. He came up and used much abusive language, intermixed with many oaths and curses.  Several people came out to see what was the matter; on which he pushed me twice or thrice and went away.

Upon inquiry, I found this man had signalized himself a long season by abusing and throwing stones at any of our family who went that way. Therefore I would not lose the opportunity, but on Monday, 4, sent him the following note:

Robert Young,--I expect to see you, between this and Friday and to hear from you that you are sensible of your fault; otherwise, in pity to your soul, I shall be obliged to inform the magistrates of your assaulting me yesterday in the street.

                                      “I am,

                                           “Your real friend,

                                                   “John Wesley”

Within two or three hours, Robert Young came and promised a quite different behavior. So did this gentle reproof, if not save a soul from death, yet prevent a multitude of sins.

Saturday, April 6.—Mr. Stephenson, of whom I bought the ground on which our house is built, came at length, after delaying it more than two years, and executed the writings. So I am freed from one more care. May I in everything make known my request to God!

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