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Wesley’s Defenders

I asked J. Parks if she was not afraid when they tore her from me. She said, “No; no more than I am now. I could trust God for you, as well as for myself. From the beginning I had a full persuasion that God would deliver you. I knew not how; but I left that to Him, and was as sure as if it were already done.” I asked if the report was true that she had fought for me. She said, “No; I knew God would fight for His children.” And shall these souls perish at the last?

When I came back to Francis Ward’s I found many of our brethren waiting upon God. Many also whom I never had seen before came to rejoice with us. And the next morning, as I rode through the town in my way to Nottingham, everyone I met expressed such a cordial affection that I could scarcely believe what I saw and heard.

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