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Remarkable Service at Gwennap

Tuesday, 20.—At Trezuthan Downs I preached to two or three thousand people on the “highway” of the Lord, the way of holiness. We reached Gwennap a little before six and found the plain covered from end to end. It was supposed there were ten thousand people, to whom I preached Christ our “wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.” I could not conclude till it was so dark we could scarcely see one another.  And there was on all sides the deepest attention; none speaking, stirring, or scarcely looking aside. Surely here, though in a temple not made with hands, was God worshiped 99     Correct to the text. in “the beauty of holiness.”

Wednesday, 21.—I was awakened between three and four by a large company of tinners who, fearing they should be too late, had gathered round the house and were singing and praising God.  At five I preached once more on “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.” They all devoured the Word.  Oh, may it be health to their soul and marrow unto their bones!

We rode to Launceston that day. Thursday, 22. As we were riding through a village called Sticklepath, one stopped me in the street and asked abruptly, “Is not thy name John Wesley?” Immediately two or three more came up and told me I must stop there. I did so; and before we had spoken many words, our souls took acquaintance with each other. I found they were called Quakers: but that hurt not me, seeing the love of God was in their hearts.

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