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Wesley Sleeps in a Cellar

Monday, May 25.—We rode to Durham and thence, through very rough roads and as rough weather, to Barnard Castle.  I was exceedingly faint when we came in. However the time being come, I went into the street and would have preached; but the mob was so numerous and so loud that it was not possible for many to hear. Nevertheless, I spoke on, and those who were near listened with huge attention. To prevent this, some of the rabble fetched the engine and threw a good deal of water on the congregation; but not a drop fell on me. After about three quarters of an hour, I returned into the house.

Tuesday, June 9.—My lodging was not such as I should have chosen; but what Providence chooses is always good. My bed was considerably under ground, the room serving both for a bedchamber and a cellar. The closeness was more troublesome at first than the coolness; but I let in a little fresh air by breaking a pane of paper (put by way of glass) in the window, and then slept soundly till the morning.

Monday, 15.—I had many little trials in this journey, of a kind I had not known before. I had borrowed a young, strong mare when I set out from Manchester. But she fell lame before I got to Grimsby. I procured another but was dismounted again between Newcastle and Berwick. At my return to Manchester, I took my own; but she had lamed herself in the pasture. I thought, nevertheless, to ride her four or five miles today; but she was gone out of the ground, and could hear nothing of her. However, I comforted myself that I had another at Manchester, which I had lately bought. But when I came thither, I found one had borrowed her too and ridden her away to Chester.

Saturday, 20.—I rode to Chester and preached at six in the accustomed place, a little without the gates, near St. John’s church. One single man, a poor alehousekeeper, seemed disgusted, spoke a harmless word, and ran away with all speed.  All the rest behaved with the utmost seriousness while I declared “the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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