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Marriage and Preaching

Monday, 18, was the second day I had appointed for my journey; but I was disappointed again, not being yet able to set my foot to the ground. However, I preached (kneeling) on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.

Sunday, 24.—I preached, morning and evening, at Spitalfields.

Monday, March 4.—Being tolerably able to ride, though not to walk, I set out for Bristol. I came thither on Wednesday, thoroughly tired, though in other respects better than when I set out.

Tuesday, 19.—Having finished the business for which I came to Bristol, I set out again for London; being desired by many to spend a few days there before I entered upon my northern journey. I came to London on Thursday and, having settled all affairs, left I again on Wednesday, 27. I cannot understand how a Methodist preacher can answer it to God to preach one sermon or travel one day less in a married than in a single state. In this respect surely, “it remaineth, that they who have wives be as though they had none.”

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