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Preaching Incidents

Sunday, 28.—I began expounding the Sermon on the Mount, at London. In the afternoon I described to a numerous congregation at Kennington, the life of God in the soul. One person who stood on the mount made a little noise at first; but a gentleman, whom I knew not, walked up to him, and, without saying one word, mildly took him by the hand and led him down. From that time he was quiet till he went away.

When I came home I found an innumerable mob round the door who opened all their throats the moment they saw me. I desired my friends to go into the house; and then walking into the midst of the people, proclaimed, “the name of the Lord, gracious and merciful, and repenting him of the evil.” They stood staring one at another. I told them they could not flee from the face of this great God and therefore besought them that we might all join together in crying to Him for mercy. To this they readily agreed: I then commended them to His grace and went undisturbed to the little company within.

Tuesday, 30.—As I was expounding the twelfth of the Acts, a young man, with some others, rushed in, cursing and swearing vehemently; he so disturbed all near him that, after a time, they put him out. I observed it and called to let him come in, that our Lord might bid his chains fall off. As soon as the sermon was over, he came and declared before us all that he was a smuggler, then going on that work, as his disguise, and the great bag he had with him, showed. But he said he must never do this more, for he was now resolved to have the Lord for his God.

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