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Fire at Kingswood School

Monday, October 24--l preached about noon at Bath, and in the evening at Escot, near Lavington.

Tuesday, 25.--In my return, a man met me near Hannam and told me the schoolhouse at Kingswood had burned down. I felt not one moment's pain, knowing that God does all things well. When I came thither, I received a fuller account: about eight on Monday evening, two or three boys went into the gallery, up two pair of stairs. One of them heard a strange crackling in the room above. Opening the staircase door, he was beat back by smoke, on which he cried out, "Firel Murderl Fire!" Mr. Baynes, hearing this, ran immediately down and brought up a pail of water. But when he went into the room and saw the blaze, he had not presence of mind to go up to it but threw the water upon the floor.

Meantime one of the boys rang the bell; another called John Maddern from the next house, who ran up, as did James Burges quickly after, and found the room all in a flame. The deal partitions took fire immediately, which spread to the roof of the house. Plenty of water was now brought; but they could not come nigh the place where it was wanted, the room being so filled with flame and smoke that none could go into it. At last a long ladder, which lay in the garden, was reared up against the wall of the house. But it was then observed that one of the sides of it was broken in two and the other quite rotten. However, John How (a young man who lived next door) ran up it, with an axe in his hand. But he then found the ladder was so short that, as he stood on the top of it, he could but just lay one hand over the battlements.

How he got over to the leads none can tell; but he did so and quickly broke through the roof, on which a vent being made, the smoke and flame issued out as from a furnace. Those who were at the foot of the stairs with water, being able to go no further, then went through the smoke to the door of the leads and poured it down through the tiling. By this means the fire was quickly quenched, having consumed only a part of the partition, with a box of clothes, and a little damaged the roof and the floor beneath.

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