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[I have collected and disposed the most useful verses of this Psalm under eighteen different heads, and formed a divine song on each of them, But the verses are much transposed to attain some degree of connection. In some places, among the words law, commands, judgments, testimonies, I have used gospel, word, grace, truth, promises, etc., as more agreeable to the New Testament and the common language of Christians, and it equally answers the design of the Psalmist, which was to recommend the Holy Scriptures.]

C. M.

The blessedness of saints, and misery of sinners.

ver. 1-3


ver. 165

ver. 6

ver. 21,118

ver. 119,155

Blest are the undefiled in heart,

Whose ways are right and clean;

Who never from thy law depart,

But fly from every sin.

Blest are the men that keep thy word,

And practise thy commands;

With their whole heart they seek the Lord,

And serve thee with their hands.

Great is their peace who love thy law;

How firm their souls abide!

Nor can a bold temptation draw

Their steady feet aside.

Then shall my heart have inward joy,

And keep my face from shame,

When all thy statutes I obey,

And honor all thy name.

But haughty sinners God will hate,

The proud shall die accursed;

The sons of falsehood and deceit

Are trodden to the dust.

Vile as the dross the wicked are;

And those that leave thy ways

Shall see salvation from afar,

But never taste thy grace.

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