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C. M.

Deliverance from slander and reproach.


My heart rejoices in thy name,

My God, my help, my trust;

Thou hast preserved my face from shame,

Mine honor from the dust.

"My life is spent with grief," I cried,

"My years consumed in groans,

My strength decays, mine eyes are dried,

And sorrow wastes my bones."

Among mine enemies my name

Was a mere proverb grown,

While to my neighbors I became

Forgotten and unknown.

Slander and fear on every side

Seized and beset me round

I to the throne of grace applied,

And speedy rescue found.

How great deliverance thou hast wrought

Before the sons of men!

The lying lips to silence brought,

And made their boastings vain!

Thy children from the strife of tongues

Shall thy pavilion hide;

Guard them from infamy and wrongs,

And crush the sons of pride.

Within thy secret presence, Lord,

Let me for ever dwell;

No fenced city, walled and barred,

Secures a saint so well.

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