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L. M.

Christ exalted to the kingdom.


David rejoiced in God his strength,

Raised to the throne by special grace;

But Christ the Son appears at length,

Fulfils the triumph and the praise.

How great is the Messiah's joy

In the salvation of thy hand!

Lord, thou hast raised his kingdom high,

And giv'n the world to his command.

Thy goodness grants whate'er he will,

Nor doth the least request withhold;

Blessings of love prevent him still,

And crowns of glory, not of gold.

Honor and majesty divine

Around his sacred temples shine;

Blest with the favor of thy face,

And length of everlasting days.

Thine hand shall find out all his foes;

And as a fiery oven glows

With raging heat and living coals,

So shall thy wrath devour their souls.

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