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Proper Metre.

Praise to God from all creatures.




Ye tribes of Adam, join

With heav'n, and earth, and seas,

And offer notes divine

To your Creator's praise:

Ye holy throng

Of angels bright,

In worlds of light,

Begin the song.

Thou sun with dazzling rays,

And moon that rules the night,

Shine to your Maker's praise,

With stars of twinkling light:

His power declare,

Ye floods on high,

And clouds that fly

In empty air.

The shining worlds above

In glorious order stand,

Or in swift courses move,

By his supreme command:

He spake the word,

And all their frame

From nothing came,

To praise the Lord.

He moved their mighty wheels

In unknown ages past,

And each his word fulfils

While time and nature last:

In diff'rent ways

His works proclaim

His wondrous name,

And speak his praise.

Let all the earth-born race,

And monsters of the deep

The fish that cleave the seas,

Or in their bosom sleep;

From sea and shore

Their tribute pay,

And still display

Their Maker's power.

Ye vapors, hail, and snow,

Praise ye th' almighty Lord,

And stormy winds that blow,

To execute his word:

When lightnings shine,

Or thunders roar,

Let earth adore

His hand divine.

Ye mountains near the skies,

With lofty cedars there,

And trees of humbler size,

That fruit in plenty bear;

Beasts wild and tame,

Birds, flies, and worms,

In various forms,

Exalt his name.

Ye kings and judges, fear

The Lord, the sovereign King;

And while you rule us here,

His heav'nly honors sing;

Nor let the dream

Of power and state

Make you forget

His power supreme.

Virgins and youths, engage

To sound his praise divine,

While infancy and age

Their feebler voices join:

Wide as he reigns

His name be sung

By every tongue

In endless strains.

Let all the nations fear

The God that rules above;

He brings his people near,

And makes them taste his love:

While earth and sky

Attempt his praise,

His saints shall raise

His honors high.

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