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C. M.

The wisdom of God in the formation of man.

When I with pleasing wonder stand,

And all my frame survey,

Lord, 'tis thy work I own thy hand

Thus built my humble clay.

Thy hand my heart and reins possessed

Where unborn nature grew;

Thy wisdom all my features traced,

And all my members drew.

Thine eye with nicest care surveyed

The growth of every part;

Till the whole scheme thy thoughts had laid

Was copied by thy art.

Heav'n, earth, and sea, and fire, and wind,

Show me thy wondrous skill

But I review myself, and find

Diviner wonders still.

Thy aweful glories round me shine,

My flesh proclaims thy praise;

Lord, to thy works of nature join

Thy miracles of grace.

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