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L. M.

The works of creation, providence, redemption of Israel, and destruction of enemies.


Great is the Lord, exalted high

Above all powers and every throne:

Whate'er he please, in earth or sea,

Or heav'n or hell, his hand hath done.

At his command the vapors rise,

The lightnings flash, the thunders roar;

He pours the rain, he brings the wind

And tempest from his airy store.

'Twas he those dreadful tokens sent,

O Egypt, through thy stubborn land,

When all thy first-born, beasts and men,

Fell dead by his avenging hand.

What mighty nations, mighty kings,

He slew, and their whole country gave

To Isr'el, whom his hand redeemed,

No more to be proud Pharaoh's slave!

His power the same, the same his grace,

That saves us from the hosts of hell;

And heav'n he gives us to possess,

Whence those apostate angels fell.

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