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C. M.

Delight in Scripture; or, The word of God dwelling in us.

ver. 97

ver. 148

ver. 3,13,54

ver. 19,103

ver. 72,127


ver. 28,49,175

O how I love thy holy law!

'Tis daily my delight;

And thence my meditations draw

Divine advice by night.

My waking eyes prevent the day

To meditate thy word;

My soul with longing melts away

To hear thy gospel, Lord.

How doth thy word my heart engage!

How well employ my tongue!

And in my tiresome pilgrimage,

Yields me a heav'nly song.

Am I a stranger or at home,

'Tis my perpetual feast;

Not honey dropping from the comb

So much allures the taste.

No treasures so enrich the mind;

Nor shall thy word be sold

For loads of silver well refined,

Nor heaps of choicest gold.

When nature sinks, and spirits droop,

Thy promises of grace

Are pillars to support my hope,

And there I write thy praise.

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