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S. M.

An hosanna for the Lord's day; or, A new song of salvation by Christ.


See what a living stone

The builders did refuse;

Yet God hath built his church thereon,

In spite of envious Jews.

The scribe and angry priest

Reject thine only Son;

Yet on this Rock shall Zion rest,

As the chief corner-stone.

The work, O Lord, is thine,

And wondrous in our eyes;

This day declares it all divine,

This day did Jesus rise.

This is the glorious day

That our Redeemer made;

Let us rejoice, and sing, and pray,

Let all the church be glad.

Hosanna to the King

Of David's royal blood;

Bless him, ye saints, he comes to bring

Salvation from your God.

We bless thine holy word,

Which all this grace displays;

And offer on thine altar, Lord,

Our sacrifice of praise.

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