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L. M.

Man's mortality, and Christ's eternity.


It is the Lord our Savior's hand

Weakens our strength amidst the race;

Disease and death at his command

Arrest us, and cut short our days.

Spare us, O Lord, aloud we pray,

Nor let our sun go down at noon;

Thy years are one eternal day,

And must thy children die so soon?

Yet in the midst of death and grief

This thought our sorrow should assuage:

Our Father and our Savior live;

Christ is the same through every age.

'Twas he this earth's foundation laid;

Heav'n is the building of his hand;

This earth grows old, these heav'ns shall fade

And all be changed at his command.

The starry curtains of the sky,

Like garments, shall be laid aside;

But still thy throne stands firm on high,

Thy church for ever must abide.

Before thy face thy church shall live,

And on thy throne thy children reign;

This dying world shall they survive,

And the dead saints be raised again.

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